Ryan Orlando

Web Developer  /  IT Support  /  Media Maven

Programming Languages:

Specializing in Vue.js and Svelte for cutting-edge web solutions.

[ JavaScript , TypeScript, Rust, C# ]

Agile and Collaborative:

Adept in Scrum and Agile methodologies, seamlessly collaborating with cross-disciplinary teams.

[ Azure DevOps , Jira , Figma ]

Responsive Problem Solving:

Driving metric enhancements across projects and workflows through curiosity, collaboration, and creative solutions.

[ Customer-Centric Approach , Collaborative Spirit , Creative Problem-solving ]

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Professional Journey

App Developer III

Evident Change

  • Utilized Vue.js and TypeScript to develop cutting-edge software solutions for state adult and child protective services with App Development team.
  • Collaborated within a cross-functional development team to contribute to testing, ensuring the reliability and performance of the software.
  • Played a key role in enhancing user experience and layout of the software with Design and Policy teams.
  • Managed projects and deployments using Azure DevOps .

Freelance  / Web Developer


Freelance  / Content Distribution Model


  • Advised on class system implementation, resulting in a 40% reduction in staffing impact.
  • Conducted interviews for teaching, coding, and curriculum production candidates.
  • Developed new training widgets using Vue.js and Tailwind CSS

Front End Web Developer  / Marketing Team

Soulbound Studios

  • Implemented and maintained community engagement events, contributing to over $4 million in crowdfunding.
  • Created and maintained a front-end web application for Domain and Settlement Selection using Vue.js and Leaftlet.js
  • Contributed to implementation and maintenance of user-facing web apps using Vue.js and Razor C#

Merch by  / Seller Support

Merch by Amazon

  • Designed, implemented, and maintained a web application to automate case responses.
  • Achieved a 2-minute reduction in average case handling time.

BS Film and Broadcasting  / CMSU, 2004

Central Missouri State University

  • Focused on production and business communication