About Fat Thunder

Who I am - what I do?

Defining Work-Life Balance:

I believe in a mantra of "work to live, not live to work." My abode is more than just a home; it's a space designed for living life to the fullest. Life doesn't conform to my work; my work adapts to enrich my life.

The distinctive skill set that forms the backbone of Fat Thunder empowers me to choose clients and projects that resonate with my values. Passion fuels my dedication to creating exceptional products. Love for my work is at the heart of all I do.

Whether it's personal endeavors or professional pursuits, I uphold an unwavering commitment. This principle guarantees that every project, no matter the scale, receives the same level of dedication and expertise.

Have fun and learn:

I believe in the power of fun and continuous learning. Both are essential ingredients in the recipe of a fulfilling life. Every experience, whether in code or in leisure, presents opportunities to grow and evolve.

As the calendar turned to 2023, I embarked on a journeys of

  • - rasing a child
  • - shooting archery
  • - working on Croplike

These experiences encapsulate the spirit of Fat Thunder - embracing life's multifaceted wonders.

Always remember: "All work and no play" isn't just a saying - it's a formula for diminished productivity. At Fat Thunder, we understand that balance breeds creativity, and experiences enrich our capabilities.