Fat Thunder

a man of lei·sure

I am Ryan Orlando.
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Fat Thunder, is me.
I am an engineer living in the greater Seattle area.

Since moving here in 2017 I have self taught myself JavaScript, Rust, C#, and Archery.

Currently writing code for the Evident Change and Croplike.

Croplike.com gameStore code.

A little lost?

Fat Thunder will use every available resource help solve your problem.

Web Development

I currently work with Vue.js and Svelte. I can help build your site or a troubleshoot a problem.

Technical Support

Part of group that hi-jacked a high-school / cable TV station's Novell network in 90s. The skill set has continued to grow.

Media Inquiries

My broadcasting education, performance work, and writing is available. Technically, it is the only thing I went to school for.

I worked with Ryan on a few projects for Soulbound and I was always struck by his dedication to the job. If it's rivaled by anything, it's his passion for the space we game developers contribute to. Ryan will do whatever it takes to get the job done, even if that means learning entirely new technologies in entirely unreasonable time frames. That he can do so successfully, and so consistently, is nothing short of remarkable. Over the course of our time at the studio, Ryan earned my respect over and over again with his dedication, his ability to adapt quickly, and his insane acquisition of skills. I sincerely hope I get the opportunity to work with Ryan again, I can't wait to see where his unique combination of talents takes him.

Adam Maxwell
Game Developer